And so it begins…

This will be a place to post our musings of software development and working in the software development industry.  We are software developers and husband and wife.

About Blair –
I work at a loyalty and incentive company that provides programs similar to what credit card companies have (earn points by using your card, and redeem the points for a variety of rewards). I started with the company early in its’ life, before they actually had a product to sell, and helped build the application platform from the ground up. I have grown with the company over the last 10 years. In the early days we were really focused on getting the application working and adding new functionality – really without regard for code quality, capacity planning, maintenance time, etc. Now we are much more concerned with these things and spend quite a bit of time optimizing for increased capacity, making maintenance easier, etc.
I also helped move the development process from waterfall to an Agile (Scrum) methodology. I’m a strong believer in Agile processes and I’ve been working to improve our processes and empower the team members – which is not always as easy at it sounds (and it doesn’t sound easy).

About Becky-
I have been developing software professionally since 1998.  I have worked in a number of industries using both waterfall and agile methodologies.  When I started working, I simply wrote the code needed to get the job done.  I didn’t understand a lot about good architecture, clean coding, etc.  I sometimes considered myself a ninja coder, because I could sneak in and make the change without disturbing the rest of the code.Nearly a decade ago, I started learning more about agile methodologies, clean coding, design patterns, etc.  I was lucky enough to land a job with a couple of amazing developers who had been practicing these things for a while.  Working with them doing extreme programming really accelerated my learnings and my passion for this approach.
I consider myself a software craftsman now.  I am very passionate about creating quality code that is well tested and maintainable.  I also believe very strongly in the agile methodologies as a way to help ensure that the work that is done is done well.

What’s Covered in this Blog?
We don’t want to limit ourselves to one specific topic, so we’ll have posts about Agile/Scrum, Code Craftsmanship (code quality, clean code) – including examples of what NOT to do, and anything else that we think might be useful to others.