School + technology = awesome

My son recently moved to a new school in the district.  I was really impressed with some of their use of technology (and less than impressed with other technology they use).  I wanted to share the things I thought were pretty awesome.


The 7th grade goes on a week long trip to a YMCA camp at the beginning of the year.  It is an overnight camp and many of the kids have never been away from family for that long.  My son was worried about it, and I was worried about how he would do.

The school did not allow the kids to take any technology with them.  That meant no phones, so there was no way for him to call and talk to us (this is because often kids get more homesick when they talk to parents).

The principal knew that this was hard on the kids and the parents, and used twitter to help keep the parent’s connected.  She tweeted out pictures of the kids almost every hour.  It was great to follow the feed and get pictures of my son having a great time.


In past years, the kids were encouraged to keep a planner and record what homework they had in the planner.  This never worked well for my son as he would either forget to write it down, wouldn’t have enough time to write it down or would forget to look in his planner to find out what he needed to do.

This year the teachers set up groups for the parent’s and students to subscribe to on Remind.  The service can send texts and it also has it’s own app where you can see the messages from the teachers.  It has been awesome so far.  I know what homework he has and can ask him specifically whether he has x done or not.  He also has an easy place to look to see when homework is due, and what is due.

Embrace Technology

I hope to see more awesome services/apps and use of existing services in the future in the schools.  If you have an app/service that you think the schools could utilize, talk to your school…maybe they will just adopt it.


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