Should I apply?

Recently, I have not been very happy at work, so I was keeping my eye out for another position that looked interesting.  I hadn’t applied to any of the listings I saw simply because they hadn’t piqued my interest quite enough.

Now, I am laid off and I am applying to some of those positions I passed on previously.  As I have been looking at listings, I ask myself if I really want to apply to this position.

Sometimes, after a little research on the company it is obvious that I do not want to apply ( is your friend, they have employee review of the company).  But, often I am still left wondering whether I would be happy there…should I apply, or just walk away now?

While being laid off may be influencing my thought process, I have realized that the best way to determine if a place is going to be right for me is to actually apply and interview there.

Nothing can replace the experience of visiting a workplace and talking to the people who work there.  You get a chance to see the workspace.  I have visited workplaces and decided I was not interested after visiting.  Remember, this is where you are going to be spending 8 hours a day.

The interview is a chance to get a feel for some of the people you will be working with.  Your colleagues can make or break a job.  Pay attention to who interviews you and what sorts of questions they ask.  You can get a good feel for their culture.

Remember, even if the company offers you a job, you are not required to say yes.  It is your decision whether this is the right position for you.  The interview process is not just a chance for the company to find out if you are a fit for them, but also an opportunity for you to determine if they are a fit for you.


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