Content is not good enough

I have been fortunate enough to have a job that I was truly excited to go to every day.  I loved what I was doing and who I was working with.  Before that I was content at many of my jobs, but wasn’t truly happy/truly in love with the job.  Since then I have been more picky about where I work.

This is going to sound hokey, but just bare with me.  When I work somewhere that I really enjoy and do something I really enjoy, I get energy back from it.  I don’t dread going to work and rarely come home feeling drained.



Since we spend so much of our lives at work, why wouldn’t you find a place that you are truly happy?

I think I have said this before, but when you are interviewing at a company, it is not just an opportunity for them to learn about you, but an opportunity for you to learn about them.  See if you can talk to some of your potential colleagues.  Ask them what they like about the company and what they would change.  This can give you some good insight into whether you would be happy.

Take some time and look at you current job and previous jobs.  What worked well at each place?  What didn’t work well?  What made your life easier?  What were your biggest pain points?  Now you have a good feel of what your ideal job would look like.  Now when you are looking for a new position, you can use this information to help you decide whether it is right for you.  Good luck!



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